You can find all the information about the festival in our info booklet:

easy language (German)

Opening hours

THU: 4:30 p.m.
FRI: 5:00 p.m.
SAT: 11:00 p.m.

Arrival and Departure

Das Festivalgelände erreichst du bequem mit dem Velo, der Sonnenbergbahn und den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln.

Es stehen keine Parkplätze zur Verfügung und die Zufahrt ist gesperrt. In der Nacht fahren kostenlose Shuttlebusse vom Sonnenberg bis zur Busschleife Kriens.


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The festival site is partially accessible with a wheelchair (two out of three stages, food and drink). There is a wheelchair friendly toilet on site and possibilities for a parking space for people with disabilities. Please contact directly for further information. The attendant gets the entry for free. The path to the festival as well as the festival site is lit with good lighting for people with restricted eyesight.

For other information/requests regarding the festival accessibility please contact


Thanks to the tireless help of over 300 volunteers, the festival is possible at all.
Thanks for your endless support!

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Thanks to the support of the Lovers, the B-Sides heart beats regularly throughout the year. As a thank you, the Lovers receive numerous goodies as well as discounted tickets and an invitation to the exclusive Lovers-Apéro.

From 50.- per year you will be showered with B-Sides-Love.

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Camping ground

There is a camping ground, reservation is obligatory and can be done below.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Hotel Sonnenberg offers a breakfast at the special price of 15 CHF. Cheese, meat, fruit, bread, Gifeli, orange juice and coffee of your choice: a real treat. A vegan option is available. Registration will be up here before the festival. On Saturday the festival kitchen opens up at noon.

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Safer Space

The B-Sides Festival is committed to equality, sustainability and diversity. The festival is a safe space for everyone. No form of discrimination or abusive behavior will be tolerated.

The nature of the Sonnenberg is valued and taken care of, food and beverages are mostly locally sourced and biologically made.

The festival area is a public space. Photos will be taken by the B-Sides photo team. If you see a photo you don't want on the internet, you can contact directly.

Care Team

Two trained helpers are there for you and open for philosophical questions, anti-love-sickness hug wishes or just chats. You will find them between the sanitary tent and the coffee tent. Is there something on your mind, would you like to talk to someone or is something unpleasant at the festival? Then you are in the right place and there are open ears and hearts at your disposal.
We listen.
We care!